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Something I always get excited about is when simplistic functions have really interesting side effects, this is more a op art thing, but it’s caused by aliasing from transferring a series of concentric rings from some continuous space to discreet space with really dumb sampling. I’ll get around to actually embedding the shader here but for now paste this link into your browser, because wordpress is failing me right now.

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Holy crap cshouse! Posts aplenty,

the guts

So I recently been tasked with the job of writing some benchmarking tools for the iphone4 for a game that I am currently porting. Since we are porting from some insanely old engine to unity3d, I’m building these tools with that. More on this later… possibly… doubtfully. Anyways since Unity3d just gave out a castrated version of there android + ios licences I figured I would also try to run it on my galaxy nexus. Naturally as with all my previous android ADT/SDK experience nothing worked immediately.
Firstly just as a heads up Unity as of june 5th 2013, hates revision 22 of the ADT/SDK so you should us this ###insert link to patch### I’ll do this once I get the files put into tho stockpile. lols on June 6th unity released a update to version 4.1.4, this update resolves the issues with revision 22 of the android SDK.


So here is a quick study of what you probably need to do without going into resetting pathnames, and all that other stuff I immediatly disregarded as overkill, because where ever you read that you need to install the drivers through windows device manager.

Device manager

what they really mean is don’t use the windows feature I have the drivers in a folder on my computer obviously, they mean,
use this other button, that sais I want to select from a list of drivers on my computer which I naturally assumed was the wrong one, and thinking to myself, “I know exactly what folder those drivers are in” I kept using the first one, which was pointed right at the ~/somefilepath>/android/skd/extras/google/usb-something.


Inwhich you will be givin a terrible list of things that are not your phone but don’t fret, cliq on the Have disk button, then browse to the url where the drivers are.


Then browse to the desired path at ~/somefilepath>/android/skd/extras/google/usb-something. , and lo and behold, your drivers will show up in a list, I mashed install on the first one out of excitement, and there we have it drivers for my Galaxy Nexus finally installed.

No word of a lie, I think I rather be using ndiswrapper to fix wireless… thats not true.

I don’t know if because I am not really a windows power user, this doesn’t seem like an obvious way to install drivers, mainly when you are given the option to point at a file, but maybe the blame falls on Google for packaging it non-standard. Either way I’m glad that it’s working now.

Night folks.

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I really wonder what the life of normal people is like.
I’m up at three a.m. installing random hacks to linux to get discreet graphics working. Sitting on wikipedia because turning off the laptop seemed like a cowards way out to having power management working properly to get my fan to stfu.

On another note those of us who are using Lenovo Y470′s, you need to add the bumblebee/stable ppm, and download bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia, then gotoand clone the project. Run “make -f Makefile.dkms” then follow the instructions under lenovo Y470 blah blah. It may sound obvious, but it took me awhile to figure out what each section was doing to my install, so remeber todo all three things. If I get the fan the shut up I’ll update this post.

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So I guess I should only use the internet at night. Cuz that way I have the fattest pipe. Seriously, look at this it’s like ps3 huge. get a bucket of water.
Fastest 16 gigs I’ve ever received took about 3 minutes.

scirvir Bad Idea #2 – Go to gros morne for a picnic, only a picnic. by

The stage is set, friends going back to the mainland in 2 days, we have been downtown `celebrating` for 6 hours. It’s time to go to the Celtic Hearth for some `late night everything else is closed` pub grub. It’s now 3 am and the usual suspects realize that none of us have been to Gros Morne.
It’s really far away.
So some jokes are tossed around about how Patties last day in Newfoundland should not be spent packing and going to banks and dealing with responsible adult shit. It’s should be speant looking at this awesome fjord (Which sadly isn’t technically a fjord because it’s fresh water. But to hell with wikipedia).

Fu-- look at it. So awesome

After a tragically small time passes and with certain glances across the table at one another.
It’s bill time.
Car Time.
Road time.
And how we hit that road, 3 am, packed with only what we brought with us downtown it’s time to cross the 730 km stretch between us and one of earths most spectacular locations.

We had rain washing the landscape in this ‘lord of the rings’esque fog and wetness, then the sun came out and gave us all sun burns. Thank you nfld weather gods. You made the trip beautiful and warm.

So… that’s pretty much it.
Like 18 hours of driving, and a poorly tossed together lunch bought at a gas station, about 150 in gas, I had 2 rockstars, 3 coffees, a five hour energy drink and 1 bagel belt from timmy ho’s, 2 liters of water, 1 chubby soda, Reese’s ice cream sandwich, and 20 minutes of sleep just outside of gander on a trip that took up nearly 24 hours I had woken up at 2 in the afternoon that day.
pics below.

100% worth it.

I sounded a little like this too.
Foster the people – some album.
Will Smith – Big Willie Style.
No Doubt – the one with spiderwebs.
Broken Social Scene – some album.
NIN – Halo 14
Childish Gambino – some album.
Bob Dylan – theme radio hour (Friends and Neighbors).
Bruce Springsteen – some album.
There was a bunch I couldn’t remeber either,

scirvir In-Place Quicksort in the C. With words instead of random letters. by

This was a pointer review for me and I noticed searching “inline quicksort C” didn’t immediately give me what I wanted so here you go.

Steal it first years steeeeeeeeal it. Also, remember kids learning algorithms is the best part of CS, you just don’t see it till your 3rd year.

Check dat output!

scirvir@mechanus:~/Dropbox/rdmcrap$ gcc -std=c99 inpqsort.c
scirvir@mechanus:~/Dropbox/rdmcrap$ ./a.out
1 10 3 5 2 9 6 7 4 8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Code is looking like ass, so until I install a module to make it look better just refer to the source file below.


scirvir Bad Idea #1 – Sewing needle tattoo. And it begins by

the beginning of a string of good ideas.
Idea is simple, watch Hellboy get a tattoo.

#1. sewing needle tattoo

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Say to hell with IDE’s and have a cool looking terminal based text editor. Also use dvorak and aw3someI’m too lazy to html fancy post, I blame steven for raising the bar. FIXED!


This is my in progress .vimrc file.

setlocal spell spelllang=en_ca
set number
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set cursorline
set wrapmargin=2
set textwidth=80
set smartindent
set background=dark

set autochdir
set backup
set backupdir=~/.vim/backups
set directory=~/.vim/tmp
set mouse=a

set incsearch
set laststatus=2
set lazyredraw
set linespace=0
set list
set listchars=tab:>-
set ruler
set scrolloff=10
set softtabstop=4

"rot13 fun
map <F12> ggVGg?
map <F3><Esc>:setlocal spell spelllang=en_ca<CR>
map <F4><Esc>:set nospell<CR>
"Scrolling space.
noremap <S-space> <C-b>
noremap <space> <C-f>


This was heavily based on some other guys way larger file. PRUNED MOTHER FUCKER.