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…you realize if anyone walked in and saw you, that they would run away screaming.

Steven Installing JOGL and Adding it to an Eclipse Project (Ubuntu) by

Quick guide to setting up JOGL in Eclipse to get you on your way.

Installing JOGL:

sudo apt-get install libjogl-jni libjogl-java libjogl-java-doc

Adding JOGL to an Eclipse Project:

Open an existing project or create a new one. Right click on the project and select Build Path -> Configure Build Path or from the project menu: Project-> Properties -> Java Build Path.

Under the libraries tab: Add External Jars…

For JOGL  and GLUT you will want to go to /usr/share/java and add jogl.jar and gluegen-rt.jar to project. You will also want to link the jar files to their native libraries and javadoc locations.

(Optional) Creating a user library for JOGL:

You can define a user library with all of this information, so whenever you want to create a project that uses JOGL, you can just add your library.

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> User Libraries -> New…

You can add the jars, native libraries and javadoc the same way, and then save it. Then when you create a new project, under configure build path, you can add a user-defined library.

Happy gl object passing