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…you realize if anyone walked in and saw you, that they would run away screaming.

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As earlier mentioned by Soucy, we are running a vanilla Minecraft server here on cshouse. Here are two instances of balls-out randomness that probably have something to do with the fact that we keep the server up to the current snapshot (instability YAY!).

My personal favorite — squid in a minecart. We have a stupendously complicated minecart system on the server connecting the Cold Hell Lake to Jungle Prison.

The minecart runs through a low point before it reaches the Jungle Prison. For whatever reason, a squid spawned in the river and hopped into this minecart as it went by. Hilarious.

Next: The recent snapshot introduced pumpkin pie. For whatever reason, my version of Minecraft (snapshot 12w37b, running on Ubuntu Linux 12.04) couldn’t handle the pumpkin pie. Whenever I opened a box containing it, my client would crash. And when Soucy held one — well, just look at what happened:

Note the upside down nametag, invisible pumpkin pie in Soucy’s hand, and the floating, upside down cows in the background. Other fun glitches involved upside down torch fire dancing by, and sprinting upside down jungle cats!


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