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scirvir Getting Samsung Galaxy Nexus to install Googles drivers. by

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So I recently been tasked with the job of writing some benchmarking tools for the iphone4 for a game that I am currently porting. Since we are porting from some insanely old engine to unity3d, I’m building these tools with that. More on this later… possibly… doubtfully. Anyways since Unity3d just gave out a castrated version of there android + ios licences I figured I would also try to run it on my galaxy nexus. Naturally as with all my previous android ADT/SDK experience nothing worked immediately.
Firstly just as a heads up Unity as of june 5th 2013, hates revision 22 of the ADT/SDK so you should us this ###insert link to patch### I’ll do this once I get the files put into tho stockpile. lols on June 6th unity released a update to version 4.1.4, this update resolves the issues with revision 22 of the android SDK.


So here is a quick study of what you probably need to do without going into resetting pathnames, and all that other stuff I immediatly disregarded as overkill, because where ever you read that you need to install the drivers through windows device manager.

Device manager

what they really mean is don’t use the windows feature I have the drivers in a folder on my computer obviously, they mean,
use this other button, that sais I want to select from a list of drivers on my computer which I naturally assumed was the wrong one, and thinking to myself, “I know exactly what folder those drivers are in” I kept using the first one, which was pointed right at the ~/somefilepath>/android/skd/extras/google/usb-something.


Inwhich you will be givin a terrible list of things that are not your phone but don’t fret, cliq on the Have disk button, then browse to the url where the drivers are.


Then browse to the desired path at ~/somefilepath>/android/skd/extras/google/usb-something. , and lo and behold, your drivers will show up in a list, I mashed install on the first one out of excitement, and there we have it drivers for my Galaxy Nexus finally installed.

No word of a lie, I think I rather be using ndiswrapper to fix wireless… thats not true.

I don’t know if because I am not really a windows power user, this doesn’t seem like an obvious way to install drivers, mainly when you are given the option to point at a file, but maybe the blame falls on Google for packaging it non-standard. Either way I’m glad that it’s working now.

Night folks.