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robert Kobo Mini Protip by

Here I was, minding my own business, when I picked up my Kobo Mini to do some reading and suddenly I heard a rattle.

Not in my house, I thought.

So, off comes the back, and here is what greeted me:Chapters LIES

Considering that the Kobo Mini does not claim to have extensible memory, I popped out the SD card, tried turning the e-reader back on, and was (in retrospect, a little too) surprised to discover that nothing happened. I guess it’s cheaper to use an SD card for secondary memory and just not tell your customers that it’s there. I mean, most people would beat the crap out of this tiny plastic rectangle while trying to get the back off — not to mention the intense technical skill that goes into copying the OS files from one SD card to a slightly larger one.

And in case your wondering, the piece responsible for the rattle was this guy:

Honestly, what is this piece of trash.

Honestly, what is this piece of trash.

It appears that the tiny piece of plastic which makes the Kobo’s nigh-unseeable LED slightly more visible had broken off and was tap-dancing on the motherboard. Sigh.