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Steven Installing JOGL and Adding it to an Eclipse Project (Ubuntu) by

Quick guide to setting up JOGL in Eclipse to get you on your way.

Installing JOGL:

sudo apt-get install libjogl-jni libjogl-java libjogl-java-doc

Adding JOGL to an Eclipse Project:

Open an existing project or create a new one. Right click on the project and select Build Path -> Configure Build Path or from the project menu: Project-> Properties -> Java Build Path.

Under the libraries tab: Add External Jars…

For JOGL  and GLUT you will want to go to /usr/share/java and add jogl.jar and gluegen-rt.jar to project. You will also want to link the jar files to their native libraries and javadoc locations.

(Optional) Creating a user library for JOGL:

You can define a user library with all of this information, so whenever you want to create a project that uses JOGL, you can just add your library.

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> User Libraries -> New…

You can add the jars, native libraries and javadoc the same way, and then save it. Then when you create a new project, under configure build path, you can add a user-defined library.

Happy gl object passing