Giant Title That Broke My Formatting

Remember the time I worked at a gym. Who could have seen that in my future, eh? So, I’ve picked up some shifts on the front desk to pad my cheque because, contrary to popular opinion, personal training is not a lucrative business. Unfortunately. So I am currently bored out of my tree because it’s 6am at the gym and I’m sitting on my ass serving my only purpose, which is smiling at people as they walk in… thank God for wikipedia. Sooooo, since I’ve thoroughly exhausted my daily wiki (Happy Polish Mother’s Day) I figured writing to youse guys would be more productive than picking my teeth (although I did have loose-leaf tea this morning…). Who knows, maybe it’ll become a regular thang.

So the other day we had an interesting…encounter…at work. Guy comes in to the front desk, seems to be having trouble articulating his problem but from what I can gather he stopped authorizing payments for his gym membership a few months ago. Yet he kept coming to the gym…not much, but nonetheless… Anyways, turns out he wanted us to wave his service charges. Probably not going to happen but our Assistant Manager is rad so she was at least humouring the poor guy. She asks him why he thought we would be able to do that, to which he responds along the lines of, “Well, I don’t have any money. I’m obliged to give everything away.” “Oh?” “Yes. You see, I’m the Lord and Savior. I was sent by God to save man from the asteroids.”

I shit you not. You would think a false prophet would be more concerned about his health…

And this was a good day.

Had a woman come in this morning for a tan (comes in every second morning, like clockwork, 5:30am). She always asks for a towel to put over her face so she has this super tanned body and ghostly white face. I saw her come in this morning so I said, “Good Morning! Nine minutes in the stand up?” She smiled and said, “You’ve got such a good memory!” Of course I remember you, you look like a goblin.

Chances are only three people might read this (maybe 4 if Soucy’s Dad still looks us up once in a while) so it’s a good thing I know my audience. I miss you guys. Bro-cation needed. Will you guys move to Scotland with me? Before you say no, I have two words for you….Eggplant Lasagna.

And I figure it’s only fitting to wish my three favorite computer scientists a joyous Alan Turing’s Birthday:) and if I had even a moderate amount of technical ability I would have been able to figure out how to insert a picture of him shopped with a birthday hat, but I don’t so I couldn’t. So you’ll just have to use your imagination.